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The Feast of Abundance occurs every spring equinox when Symeon appears in the form of a massive fruit tree.
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UPDATE: The site can now be accessed via https. The browser's back and forward buttons now work properly.
UPDATE: The database is now updated with Herofall cards. The Draft Simulator is also updated with the new set.
UPDATE: The database is now updated with Primal Dawn cards. The Draft Simulator is also updated with the new set.
UPDATE: 100k Invitational Draft is available at //hex.tcgbrowser.com/invitationaldraft.
UPDATE: Equipment is now synced with the site.
UPDATE: Added Meta Decks tab in the decks section. It will be updated daily with decks that achieved 3 or more wins in daily scheduled and 5 wins in gauntlet tournaments.
UPDATE: Added an option to remove yourself from receiving trade offers.
UPDATE: Wishlist and tradelist autosync settings are now separated. You need to configure them again in order to work properly.
UPDATE: Updated the Wordpress tooltip to work with equipment as well.
UPDATE: Updated the sync page with API changes.
UPDATE: Added a new tool to view your recorded drafts.
UPDATE: Updated Trading Post. Read more here.
UPDATE: Added option to automatically update the wishlist and the tradelist on collection sync.
UPDATE: Set 3 cards and equipment are now added into the database.
UPDATE: Added set 3 to the Draft Simulator.
UPDATE: Updated wishlist/tradelist auto generation. Read more details here.
UPDATE: Implemented the Trading Post. For more details go here.
UPDATE: Average prices for equipment are now displayed below equipment name.
UPDATE: Deck rating is now implemented.
UPDATE: Added option ( ) to auto-generate wishlist/tradelist based on the collection.
UPDATE: Added a new deck tab containing AI PVE decks.
UPDATE: Added game -> TCGBrowser synchronization. Read more information here.
UPDATE: Added more PVE cards and equipment. Also the equipment view was improved.
UPDATE: Average AH prices are now calculated based on the prices from the last month to better reflect current prices.
UPDATE: Prices updated with the latest AH data.
UPDATE: Added top 8 decks from Blood Cup Tournament.
UPDATE: Implemented several new features. Go here for the complete list.
UPDATE: Added Facebook login integration.
UPDATE: Added deck price information based on average prices from AH.
UPDATE: A new deck filter was added. It allows you to filter decks you could build using your collection cards.
UPDATE: Added AH sold cards history data.
UPDATE: Added support for double socketed cards.
UPDATE: Added new spoiled mercenaries (Ashahsa, Bebo, Broski Buk). The rest of them have their information outdated.
UPDATE: Introduced new filter 'Set'.
AA cards and other reprints are now shown separately from the original version.
UPDATE: Collection and wishlist can now be exported.
A new sorting 'Amount' was added, allowing you to sort cards by the amount in collection/wishlist.
UPDATE: The database is updated with all PVP cards and gems from set 1. All the others, except PVE cards, are removed.
HINT: You can socket gems into cards in the deckbuilder. Just open the card, click on the socket and pick your gem.
UPDATE: A new card sorting 'Popularity' was added. This allows you to sort cards based on number of shared decks in which they appear.
UPDATE: The Joomla tooltip plugin can be found here and the Wordpress plugin here. More information can be found on the Tooltips page.
Thank you for using Hex TCG Browser! For any bugs, suggestions or questions please contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or send us an email.
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