This page contains information on how to setup cards and equipment collection, decks, ladder and AH synchronization from the game to hex.tcgbrowser.com.


Your code:
Click here to get your TCGBrowser sync code.

By default the API is disabled. In order to enable it and send data to TCGBrowser you need to do the following:

Create a file named api.ini inside the HEX folder. Edit it and add the following line:

Note: Make sure that the file has the extension .ini and not .txt (e.g api.ini.txt), otherwise the sync will not work. See more details here.

Alternatively, you can download the file from here and copy it into the mentioned location.


On Mac, the correct location may differ from user to user. The most common path is:
/Users/username/Library/Application Support/unity.Cryptozoic.HexPatch/h_dl_hextcg_com_live__osx1687934038

In case this doesn't exist or work, you may want to try one of these:

If you have the Mac Steam Client installed, use this folder instead:
/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/HEX SHARDS OF FATE/HexData

Inside this folder, create a file named api.ini. Edit it and add the following line:

Alternatively, you can download the file from here and copy it into the mentioned location.


Note: If you want the API to send only some specific data to TCGBrowser, you can change 'All' to one or more of the following instead:
SaveDeck (save decks), Collection (sync cards), Inventory (sync equipment and other inventory items), DraftPack, DraftCardPicked (sync draft packs and picks), Ladder (ladder rank), Tournament (sync matches), Login (contains IGN and APIKey, if enabled).

To use multiple events they need to be separated by |
e.g. http://hex.tcgbrowser.com:8080/sync?CODE|SaveDeck|Collection|DraftPack|DraftCardPicked


Once you've done the above steps, you're ready to synchronize your decks, collection and drafts.

Sync Decks:
Save a deck inside the game and it will be exported in the TCGBrowser site.

Sync Collection:
Your collection will be synced everytime you login into the game. Whenever a card or item enters or leave your collection, sync will also be triggered.

Sync Drafts:
Everytime you play a draft, the drafted cards and picks are saved in the database. You can review your drafts here.

AH activity:
In order to record your AH sells/buys, you need to add an additional option: APIKey. This option must be added even if you have the 'All' option enabled.

Some things to keep in mind:
- If you already have a deck on the site with the same name as the one exported, it will be overwritten.
- Exported decks are set on private by default. If changed to public, they will retain this setting upon future updates.
- TCGBrowser doesn't support different gems on the same card. Because of that, only the gem on the first card is saved.


Draft monitoring
With this tool you can see in real time, the draft packs and the drafted cards, including card prices and the amount from your collection (assuming the collection sync was performed previously).

How to use:
Open this url: http://hex.tcgbrowser.com:8080/livedraft?CODE (change CODE as explained above).
Open HEX and join a draft.
During the draft, that page will be updated with the packs that are passed to you and also the cards that you pick.

For any questions please send an email to support@tcgbrowser.com or post on the forum.